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  • Assess yourself via built-in learning checks
  • Use the forum to interact with experts and peer learners
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Course: Basic Lean Programme

The UDAY-PRIDE e-Learning training programme supports dual form of learning; Self Learning and Instructor Led Training that consists of six core modules. It has been developed specifically to empower the small and medium sized automotive component manufacturing firms. On the basis of the mode of learning, these modules are organised in the form of videos & presentations, supported by other resource materials.

Course: Net Zero

The automotive sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve net zero emissions by 2070, the automotive industry will need to make a significant transition to low- and zero-emission vehicles. There are a number of different technologies that can be used to achieve net zero emissions in the automotive sector, including EVs, Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs), Bio-fuels, and Vehicle efficiency improvements etc. In addition to these technologies, the automotive industry will also need to make changes to its manufacturing processes in order to achieve net zero emissions. This course contains modules on Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) and Material Flow Cost Accounting. RECP is a set of principles and practices that can be used to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production. RECP can help to improve resource efficiency, reduce pollution, and save businesses money. MFCA on the other hand is a method for tracking the flow of materials and costs through a production system. MFCA can be used to identify areas where materials are being wasted or where costs can be reduced. MFCA is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the environmental and economic performance of production systems. It is a relatively new method, but it is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look for ways to reduce their environmental impact and save money. Course Delivery: The course will be delivered online, in both method ILT as well as Self-learning. The course consists of a combination of animated videos, resource materials, case studies, and assignments. The ILT version of the course will be delivered by a qualified instructor and will cover the key concepts of MFCA and RECP taught via animated presentations. Certification: After the completion of the course, learners will be entitled to a certificate of completion signed by UNIDO India Repsentative and the Director General of ACMA. Please note that his course is a non-credit course.

The UDAY-PRIDE Advantage

The overall objective of the project is to facilitate the building of competency and capability of tier-2 and lower tier automotive component manufacturers to be productive and innovative, and hence establish and succeed as preferred suppliers to national and international tier 1s and OEMs in face of international competition.


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